What is QuarterMania?

Vendors at QuarterMania

It’s a lot of things:

Buffet Dinner. Salad Greens, Pastas (meat sauce and veggie), Vegetables, Garlic Bread, and Dessert.

Holiday Boutique. Shop for gifts, home and self from our specially selected vendors.

Prizes! Vendors and others have donated fabulous items and gift cards for QuarterMania game winners.

A Night Out. Bring your friends, and meet new ones, in an exciting evening.

Fun! Those who joined us at our 2019 QuarterMania know. The room gets electric from the energy of unbridled merriment.

Great M.C. Rudy Hernandez, the voice of Whittier Rotary fundraisers, returns to lead the party.

– Fun! A double helping! We all need more fun after the past 1 1/2 years.

How do you play QuarterMania?
The game of QuarterMania is a blending of an auction and a raffle.
1) Buy or bring Quarters. $30 +/- will likely last the evening, but you can purchase more at the event.
2) One Bid Paddle is included with admission. Buy extra Paddles to increase your chances at winning. Each Paddle has a unique number that corresponds to a ticket in the M.C.’s hopper.
3) A Vendor will introduce their company and their donated gift.
4) The M.C. or Dollar Sponsor will announce the number of quarters for the “buy in.”
5) You put the specified number of Quarters (or more) into the jar in the middle of the table for each Paddle you are playing, then Raise Your Paddle(s).
6) The M.C. or Dollar Sponsor will draw a number from the hopper and announce the winner.
   a) If your Paddle # is called, and your Paddle is raised, YOU WIN!
   b) If your Paddle was down (because you didn’t place quarters in the jar) – FOR SHAME!!! Be sure to put quarters in the jar for the next game to avoid the scorn and ridicule of your fellow players (all in fun!), and so you have a chance to win.
7) The winner retrieves his/her prize from the The M.C. or Dollar Sponsor.
8) Repeat, over and over, until all of the prizes have been won.
9) All the quarters and other monies raised go to combat student homelessness as a conduit to causes of Whittier Rotary.