Vendors at the Holiday Boutique

Vendors at QuarterMania

Our Vendors (subject to change):

Boutique Vendor:           


Annette’s Beauty Connections

Cosmetics and skin care products

Brass & Cotton

Handmade Clay Jewelry

Candy’s Compost

Potted Plants

Cookies by Dawn


Francisca Vitela

Hand Knitted Scarves, Hats, etc.

Handstamped by Anna

Handmade Jewelry & Gift Sets

Ida Velasquez

Holiday Home Décor and Goods

Juicy Babii Beauty

Plus Size Clothing, Lip Gloss and Eye Lash Extensions

Luz Santi’s Sweets

Pastries and Desserts

Olive & Grace

Handmade Jewelry

Posh Plants

Potted Plants

Thy Handbag Lady

Handmade Leather Purses

Touchstone Crystal

Sworavski Crystal Jewelry

Usborne Books

Children’s Books

Victorious Mommies

Handmade Skin Care and Wellness Products

Wanderlust Boutique

Handmade Jewelry

Whittier Woodworks

Hand Crafted Wood Décor and More